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基督徒靈命塑造協會2020 Labor Day 網上退修營 (粵語)

誰能定奪你是誰?你活在誰的期望中? 誠意邀請你來,一起看清神眼中的你,

有何等的寶貴的名分 ── 你是祂的兒子、女兒!

主題: 靜觀神子女的名分。


主領: 林永健牧師

林永健牧師生於香港。美國曉士頓大學電腦系畢業後,蒙神呼召到達拉斯神學院進修神學碩士。八二年 畢業後,在曉士頓中國教會事奉。九一年獲教牧學博士,九七年被差植堂,成立福遍中國教會(Fort Bend Community Church), 以栽培靈命, 福遍社區為異象目標。 林牧師八一年與呂寧華姊妹結婚,林師母現職福遍中國教會輔導中心義務傳道,及休士頓角聲輔導中心主任。兩人育有一女一 子。

形式: 敬拜◆聖經講解◆個人安靜◆默想◆禱告◆小組及群體分享

参與: 懇請弟兄姊妹在退修期間,竭力開闢一個個人安静空間,懷抱一顆渴慕期盼的心,在營會中與神相遇。

日期: 2020年9月4日- 6日(週五至週日)

時間: 9月4日(五) 7:30 – 10 pm
        9月5日(六) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm ; 1:30 – 4:30 pm
        9月6日(日) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

地點: Zoom 在線會議

費用: 自由奉獻; please visit and click “Giving” Menu or go to

Registration報名截止日期 : 8/26/20



Past Events

Webinar: False Starting Points for Spiritual Formation

 Speaker: Dr. David Eckman

Date: June 6, 2020 Sat

Time: 9:30am – 12noon

Venue: Zoom

Fee: None. Free offering to Spiritual Life Formation

 and/or BWGI Ministries


Do you find yourself stagnant in your spiritual growth? When you stumble over and over, do you wonder if you even have the right starting point?

Meditation, Solitude, Prayer, and many practices all seem good, but can actually be false starting points for spiritual life and growth if they are not built upon the right foundation. The New Testament pointed out a number of false starting points for spiritual growth that are still present in today’s church. This seminar will explain what these false starting points are, and then use the Book of Romans to reveal the one TRUE starting point for all Christians. With this right foundation, we will then discuss the skills that follow.



(Jan – May, 2020) 

目的 Objectives:

  1. To help the participants reflect on their spiritual well being and initiate transformation.
  2. To facilitate the participants to notice God’s movements in one’s life and respond to His invitation
  3. To cultivate a spiritual community and soul companions for inward journey

日期和時間 Date & Time:

(Jan 11, Feb 1, Mar 14, Apr 4, May 2, May 30)

週六早上9點30分至中午12點; Saturday morning 9:30 am-12 noon 

地點 Place: 南灣住宅 South Bay residences (Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Milpitas)

Exact Address will be announced in registration confirmation email from SLF

形式 Format

     Examen practice (意識省察操練) will be introduced and used for meditation and reflection

  1. 安靜操練 Silence practice
  2. 經文默想 Scripture meditation and reflection
  3. 個人祈禱和筆記 Personal prayer and journaling
  4. 小組分享 Small group sharing

分題 Subtopics

  • Jan. 11:      Lectio Divina 聖言心禱; Examen – 意識省察
  • Feb. 1:        Lectio Divina 聖言心禱; Examen – 不同問題的意識省察
  • Mar. 14:      Lectio Divina 聖言心禱; Examen – 一段時期的意識省察
  • Apr. 4:        生命的回顧與重整
  • May. 2:       恩典的回顧與重整 (Full Day Retreat)
  • May. 30:     與神共舞見證篇

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