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Our Mission

To nurture North America Christians to become missional disciples, so that individual and communities will become mature in Christ, fulfilling their vocation and the Great Commission.





We Believe

The foundation of Christian spirituality is established on the triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It begins with a divine call. We are molded and transformed through the born-again experience and a persistent sanctification process and journey. Spiritual formation involves the whole person, physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, socially, etc. It is both an inward and outward journeys, including the individual and the communal aspect. It is a multi-faceted and yet fully integrated journey.

A healthy spiritual growth must involve the experiences of acceptance by the Heavenly Father, redemption by the Son Jesus Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a deep connection to the Triune God.

Through persistent spiritual discipline of silence practice, reflection, and retreat before the Lord; together with close walk with mentors, believers will fervently live out their vocation and take on the Great Commission. Their spiritual lives will not be the same!


 受蔡元雲醫生「師友同行 ‧共建群體 ‧回應時代 ‧活出使命」異象所感召,我們遂於2014年成立「基督徒靈命塑造協會」;以其講座系列作先鋒,並積極物色講員及夥伴教會,一起推動靈命培育工作。

We Act

Identifying with Dr. Philemon Choi’s vision of “Walking with mentors, building up communities, responding to time, living out vocation”, we established the Spiritual Life Formation Organization in January of 2014. With Dr. Choi’s seminar series as pilot ministry, and through continuous engagement and partnership with various influential speakers, together we set out to drive spiritual nurturing ministry.   

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